Why we love Pilates...

Pilates is one of those classes you will never regret joining.

Every class is challenging, empowering and fun!

So what do I love most about my classes?

I love the feeling of my muscles burning under the pressure of the exercises. In some of our exercises (usually the glute ones) you will feel this undeniable burn and it's weirdly great!

I love understanding what muscles are truly being used in each exercise. In traditional gym situation you just go all out but have little understanding of what muscle you need to engage to really get the best of each exercise. None of this in our Pilates classes. Katy explains all the key muscles that you really need to engage and you may be quite surprised at the difference.

I love the controlled pace. In most situations you need to go through a process of understanding to get the best of an exercise. Pilates allows that time, we are never rushed and you will never be "left behind".

Most of all I love that Pilates is so diverse. Classes can be filled with experienced, beginner or injured participants but everyone will feel the benefits and work effectively at their level. At Sun Pilates we have a signature teaching style of slowly building each exercise, although this can be extremely challenging it also allows you to chose the level within the exercise that you are confident to complete. No one walks out the door thinking 'that was easy'.

So why not come down and find your love for Pilates!

See you on the mat,


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