Why Pilates is not just for girls!

We have all heard it but it is completely WRONG!

So next time a man tells you he won't come to class because its girl exercise throw these little facts at him...

- Pilates was invented by a man during the First World War

- Joseph Pilates created his series of exercises to aid his performance as a boxer and athlete

- He then went on to work with males injured in war for rehab

- It wasn't until the mid 1900s that dancers and more females started practising Pilates

- Men can benefit just as much as women from this form of low impact, corrective exercises

- Exercises will improve performance in any other sport or physical work

- Prevent injuries to back and joints

- Help you recover from any previous injuries

- Correct unbalanced muscles and bad posture

- Improve flexibility (which is extremely important for both men and women)

- Basically there is no negative to men training in Pilates... so do it!

Katy will ensure that all clients all looked after and feel comfortable during class. Have more questions? Hit the email link below!

See you on the mat,


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