Why choose Mat Pilates?

Here at Sun Pilates we only teach Mat Pilates for many reasons but here is a run down of why we think you should choose Mat!

1• Matwork is a baseline

Matwork is how everyone should start their Pilates journey. This is an opinion shared by many Pilates experts such as Dennis Clark, owner of well known Studio in Italy.

With Mat exercises it is simply you working with your body, recurriting correct muscles and feeling when you are not.

This is essential to understand and master correct technique before moving onto using big machines that allow you to depend on big global muscles rather than the smaller control muscles we are targeting.

2• More affordable

There are multiple Reformer studios around Sunbury, some that I think are fantastic. But the cost is always going to be higher.

Average group Reformer class is $20 to $40.

Personally this would be considered a luxury to get to go to a class. Not something I could afford on a weekly basis, which means the space between classes is just to great to really get the benefits.

Why is it so expensive? Simply to get the correct, quality equipement these studios are using is expensive.

3• We can mimic the Reformer with our small props

With the use of our small props (Bands, Cirles, Rollers and Balls) we can create almost all of the Reformer exercises on the Mat.

This means you get the most out of Pilates without the extra cost!

4• Safer

With any equipement use comes risk. There are moving parts, pulleys, springs, fall risk, etc.

Please make sure if you are going to Reformer classes that you check out the space. A good studio should be clean, floor clear of clutter, appropriate room between Reformers and ease of access for instructors to move around.

If you have a good instructor there will be little to no chance of your hurting yourself, so work with someone you can trust and let them know if you are not comfortable.

5• Matwork is harder

This is sometimes a controversial point. But essentially the Reformer allows you to have assistance and something to aid movement.

With certain exercises (not all) you are working your body harder as you have nothing to help, its just you and your muscles.

Mat classes tend to be more flowy, allowing consistent work. Reformers require set up for each exercise. This can mean a lot of stopping and starting to change springs, move positions or equipement.

As a teacher I find this challenges clients more and gives you a more functional and effective workout overall.

At the end of the day choose what it best for you.

Find a trainer you can understand and looks out for your safety (hands on correction is best).

A combination of the two Pilates types might be something you find really beneficial.

Pilates is all about consistency and dedication. Make it part of your weekly routine in some form and you will see improvement in posture, flexibility, strength, control and coordination.


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