What you need to start Pilates

Never tried Pilates before, new to Sun Pilates classes?

We have you covered, the Sun Pilates team pride ourselves in being friendly and informative to all who contact us.

All classes are suitable for beginners. If you have never done fitness classes before, have some fitness history or are a Pilates freak (like Katy) you will enjoy our classes.

All you need to get started is the motivation to try something new!

How to get started?

-If you have a few questions send us an email or call (info at bottom of page) and we will respond promptly.

-Otherwise just come along to either class.

Monday 10am or Thursday 7pm

Both classes are held at 84a O'Shanassy Street, Sunbury (up the stairs next to One Agency)

What you need to bring to class?

-All sessions require you to bring your own mat (if you don't have one please contact me).

-A drink bottle.

-and your $10 payment (cash and card accepted).

How to get the most out of Pilates?

-Forget everything you think you know. The most common issue is participants assuming they know what to do and performing incorrectly, Katy will notice and correct you!

-Listen to cues and explanation. It is important to follow the steps to achieve the exercise, there is a lot of information and Katy will constantly repeat so you can continue correcting yourself.

-Watch Katy perform the exercise. Visual demonstration is really helpful for most so take the time to watch before you start the exercise.

-Speak up! If you don't feel like your doing the right thing, experiencing pain or simply just want some help grab Katy's attention.

-Relax and enjoy. An hour class goes very quickly so just follow along and try not to stress yourself out!

Need more information? Hit the email address at the bottom!

See you on the mat,


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