Is the Foam Roller harder?

With our class starting tonight this is a question keeps coming up, so I thought I'd give you all some info to better prepare yourself.

The Foam Roller is a fantastic Pilates prop. For some exercises it can make balance and core muscles work harder. But, for other exercises it changes your position and pressure points to make exercises much easier.

Sun pilates sunbury foam roller
Foam Roller Bicycle

This class will follow our trademark flow. You will always be prompted to rest when needed and stick to a level you can achieve. The small Pilates props are so convenient because if the exercises is to difficult with the Foam Roller you can simply come back to our Matwork version and follow the same ques.

Due to the position of the Foam Roller in some core exercises I don't recommend this class for anyone with spinal injuries such as bulging disk, pins etc. Also, pregnant clients are advised to go for private sessions so we can ensure safety.

However, other injuries may find this prop very helpful.

As always I ask you to let me know injuries prior to class so I can give you the best advice.

Overall it will be a really fun class and a new challenge for most.

I look forward to seeing you all tonight and if you have any questions just message or email me.



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