How many classes can I do in a week?

With our new timetable having so many extra options I've had quite a few clients ask this question. My simple answer however many you feel like.

The more indepth answer...

Pilates was designed to be included in daily training.

The benefit of working with the same trainer is that classes are not repetative. We work differently in each class so you can do class each day without feeling bored or that you are just smashing one muscle group.

However we all have experienced feeling sore or tight after class, sometimes for days. You can't hurt yourself by doing a class with sore muscles but I do suggest you take it a little easier and always ensure you are 100% in control of each movement.

My recommendation is that you should be practicing Pilates in some form every day and the doing as many classes as you can fit in. This will help you see benefits and progression!

This could be as easy as connecting with the Tzone and your breathing before getting out of bed. Doing a few core exercises before you head off for a walk. Or a nice slow stretch after you have a shower. There are plenty of options and you should be doing them class or no

Then I suggest minimum 1-2 classes a week. But you can do all 7 if your body is saying

Want more answers, or exercises to practice at home? Message me or grab me for a chat before/after class. My goal is to help you.

See you at your next class,

Katy 🌞


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