How frequently should you train?

As we already know Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise.

The same with all exercise more is better... but also something is better than nothing.

Ideally, we recommend you practice (either in class or at home) three times a week.

If you spread out you practice over the week your body will get enough time to rest in between sessions without your improvements declining.

Unfortunately, it only takes 8-9 days for the muscles to start going backwards so you need to train at least once a week.

Can only make it to one class a week? Don't stress one class is still going to give you fantastic benefits, it will just take a little longer to see them.

And you can always add a few exercises to your regular fitness routine or at home daily.

If you would like a simple program to run through at home so you can achieve your results faster please talk to me about setting up a session completely focused on you!

What about if you are doing other forms of training too?

GREAT! Pilates is a fantastic cross training tool. No matter if it is a sport, strength or cardio training Pilates will assist your performance.

In this case we recommend training on alternate days. This will allow the body to give its best to

each form of exercise you do. Keep in mind the muscles do get sore so if you know you will feel it the next day take that into consideration.

OR adding in 10 minutes at the beginning of your normal program. Yes, you read that right you should do Pilates first. Due to the nature of Pilates it fires up the muscles so they are ready to work. You will find that activating your muscles with Pilates control exercises will help your performance. The same as we always start class by activating the Tzone so it is prepared to work throughout the class.

If you are adding Pilates to assist with other forms of exercise keep in mind to train what you use.

For example if you are a runner you want to focus on building strength, endurance and control of your core stabilisers, hips, ankles/calves and big leg muscles, so you should practice exercises that will work on these areas. Want more advice about how Pilates can help your performance in other exercise... please contact me and we can work together.

See you on the mat,


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